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top notch cotton fabrics and blends, PLENTY OF clothing SIZES, EASY FIT PREDICTIONS and... great colors and COLOURS



Resilient high-quality cotton and combed cotton garments

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Bread and butter

When it comes to quality and durability alike, there is nothing better than AS Colour - Quality Basics. Their unique production process involves not only cut and sew but also the manufacture of textile yarn, meaning also that their suppliers are not buying off the market. Although this lengthens their production timeline it is essential to ensure consistent high quality output. Despite being challenging to produce, our handpicked bread and butter garments are almost always on´s stock to ensure the fastest order fulfillment possible. These garments hold all types of prints very nicely also after frequently repeated washing due to the rich high quality cotton content with smooth weave, and of course due to high-quality printing. Cotton is a dense fabric, it absorbs ink much better than other fabrics like polyester, hence it´s an excellent printing surface.

All our handpicked cotton and combed garments are made from long fibres with a fine weave in various weights. Shirts come with 120 – 220 GSM. An anti-pill and cotton-rich polyester blend is used for the heavier weighted hoodies with 290 GSM. To know more about product and fabric details you can check it in each apparel category at the bottom of the page. If you need more informations about the product and fabric details please visit AS Colour´s homepage.


Many clothing sizes and easy fit predictions

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What´s your size?

“What’s your size?” is more than ever a loaded question and it has become almost impossible to answer todays. Clothing sizes are flawed and broken in recent years, it's not you. The rise of so-called "vanity sizing" (size inflation) and "insanity sizing" has rendered most labels meaningless. Some generations have grown physically larger, some brands have shifted their metrics to make shoppers feel skinnier, and the standard, universal sizes that once didn’t vary between brands do vary todays, because they were gradually abandoned as official size guidelines by manufacturers - actually several decades ago. We buy what we can, hoping for the best, but it results most of the time in a marathon of returns and replacements. Due to sizing issues with vanity sizing and insanity sizing customers worlwide  return an estimated 40% of what they buy online.

However, the best is yet to come. The real issue arises in printing-on-demand and handmade to order business, as it´s the case on, when ordering the wrong size is not an imperative condition for a return or replacement. Since it became a real issue for us all for quite a long time, could there be anyway a straightforward and simple fix for that? we´re convinced an accurate measurement of the body width and body length is crucial todays to pick the right size.

no matter if you´re godzilla or a smurf, proper measurement AND garment care are keys

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Shrinking and stretching

All garments on are pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage, but what about stretching? Quote: "All of my clothes shrunk in the wash a few sizes too small...".  We doubt you´ll ever start a customer review about us with that. One reason is cotton tends rather to stretch when you wear it for long periods of time, real shrinking starts only if you wash it at high temperature. We´ve handpicked garments with rich high quality cotton content, because they´re pretty suitable for long-lasting graphic prints. But even high quality garments use to shrink or to stretch over time, even more depending on how often and how you wash and dry.

Apart from that the differences between the clothing sizes on hand are just 3 cm, and in case you didn´t know, measurements of manufactured garments within the same size can vary within 2.5 cm todays, this is within most manufacturers´ tolerance, all over the place. So If you measure something between two sizes, just pick a corresponding size that is closer to your own measurement, before you start worrying.

You can also pick the bigger one and let it gently shrink in boiled water, or just dip it into a volcano and pull it out as quickly as possible. There have been rumours of transforming 5XL hoodies into chihuahua flex hoods doing so. Unfortunetely we at don´t have any video walkthroughs for these contemporary treatments and we don´t take any liability for that.

Print and garment care

How long will your printed garments last?´s partner AS Colour provides high quality garments and The Printbar is at the forefront of print technology. If you care for the garments well, they'll last for years to come. The prints will age well into the life of the garment as long as they are cared for and washed appropriately.

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Funny female toddler wearing a white tshirt with  SLÁINTE BITCTHES designs by © 2021

Well measured

Most folks don´t care about measurements of their body parts, with one or two known exceptions. At we have a large number of clothing sizes and everything is almost always on stock. On top of that we make a fit prediction easy for you. Measuring your horn or weighing your knockers may be an awesome and exciting pastime, but on the other hand, not nessessary at all to purchase and to wear our apparel. The key factor is our pretty exact measuring guide with body width and body length. The measure technique is exactly the same for all our apparel hence it applies for all garments on, from t-shirts over hoodies, tank tops and crop tops.

Once measured with the guideline we´ve linked below you will have 2 simple numbers for all your orders in future on, because we don´t offer any apparel from another garment manufacturers. It means whatever you order, everything will fit perfectly if well measured. But you need to measure it correctly hence follow these extended instructions including sample images and video clips with instructional walkthroughs, don´t be shy, it won´t bite.

Just lay it

The most accurate way possible to measure it correctly is right on one of your laid flat garments that fits and sits on you perfectly. If you measure it directly on your body your measurement will remain very vague and you should be rather very cautious with those numbers, specially if you´ve tanked a gallon of rum.

After measuring it in a reasonably sober condition on a flat garment you´ll have an awesome basis for picking the right size according to charts displayed on´s product pages. Of course pirate! you can drink an another gallon of rum afterwards.

our bread and butter garments

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